We have increased the ranking display to 500 instead of 200.

Now you can watch ranking much more wider.

New Update:

- Decreased Lorencia Ring Golden Goblin HP to 12m instead of 15m and decreased the damage by half.

- Devil Square now gives 50 Doante Coins if you win it. Every Devil Square stage may have 4 winners in one time.

- From now on Chaos Castle will start from 1 player minimum.

We hope you like the changes.

Real Mu Staff.

Hello All

We will host PvP Tournament in Sunday at: 9:00 Server Time(Check on website right corner).

In order to register you have to send email in-game [F] Hotkey to: [GM]Edward with you character level and class.

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    Level [ML]: 400 [330]
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    Level [ML]: 400 [330]
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    Level [ML]: 400 [330]
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    Level [ML]: 400 [330]
  • 5
    Level [ML]: 400 [330]

Hall of Fame

Greeting: PedRo16 Peru
For getting Level 400
Greeting: o0Lord0oViet Nam
For getting Master Level 330

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